Friday, 4 April 2008

Only 265 shopping days 'til Christmas

Welcome to the blog for the book 'What is Myrrh Anyway?'

For those of you who might be wondering, it's a book about the Christmas traditions which we take for granted, and partake in every year, without necessarily knowing why we're doing so.

Through this blog, as well as letting you know about develops regarding 'What is Myrrh Anyway?' I will also be publishing unique content linked to the book, and posting other snippets of festive cheer... even though it's still only April at the moment.

To get a better idea of what you'll find inside the book, here's the blurb that the publishers Icon Books have put out.

This is a hugely enjoyable, festive excursion through the history, science, music, culture and traditions of everyone's favourite winter holiday.Why is Christmas celebrated on 25 December? Why is turkey the traditional festive meat? Why are stockings hung up on Christmas Eve? What is figgy pudding? Who were the three kings? And did Coca-Cola really invent Father Christmas as we're all told?

Just like the perfect Christmas stocking, "What is Myrrh Anyway?" contains all manner of delightful surprises and delicious morsels of information. Jonathan Green uncovers the truth behind such familiar festive traditions as carol-singing and cards, and demystifies the origins of Christmas.

If you've ever wondered how to cook the perfect roast turkey, what mince pies should really taste like, or why you are forced to endure the cross-dressing antics of a traditional pantomime every year, then simply open this Christmas cracker of a book and discover the answers to all those questions you've been too afraid - or embarrassed - to ask.

That's it for now, but I look forward to engaging with you here again soon, and until next time... Ho, ho, ho.


Katie said...

Great first post! Really made me chuckle. I'd like to say "roll on Christmas", for your benefit, but I'm afraid I'm too excited about the summer... if it ever gets here.

Jon Green said...

Thank you very much, Katie. And I know what you mean about the summer.

Perhaps that could be a follow up title: 'Where's the summer gone anyway?' or 'What's up with the weather?'

Anyway, they'll be more where of this sort of thing coming your way shortly.