Saturday, 16 August 2008

Christmas in the Sun

A common complaint is that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Well, Christmas came on Saturday for the population of Centralia, Pennsylvania in the US - and there definitely weren't any complaints.
Last December, massive floods meant that hundreds of children missed out on Christmas altogether, and last Saturday the Salvation Army and several law enforcement agencies hosted the special 'Christmas in the Sun' event to bring a little seasonal cheer into their lives, out of season, as it were.

Friday, 15 August 2008

All the fun of the Christmas Fayre

I have just come back from a week away in the Welsh borders and as part of our family holiday we visited Ludlow and its castle for a day.

Whilst there I saw Ludlow's Medieval Christmas Fayre being promoted, and thought I would pass on the information here (for any who might live in the Shropshire area or be visiting at that time).

The Fayre will take place on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th November 2008. In 2007 over 15 thousand visitors enjoyed Ludlow's Medieval Christmas Fayre, so why not go along this year yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

And of course you get to visit Ludlow Castle at the same time, which would be, in itself, something of a Christmas treat!

If you know of any other Christmas Fayres, feasts, festivals or other celebrations, why not contact me at and I'll promote them here on the blog.

Monday, 4 August 2008

One Man's Poison...

As a writer of action-adventure stories, the nefarious schemes of ne'er-do-wells hold a particular fascination, for without the drama and jeopardy they inject into a situation the hero would have nothing to do.

However, to my knowledge I have never actually suggested someone actually ingest a poison themselves, unlike TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson (who, let's face it, should know better). In fact, in What is Myrrh Anyway? there is a warning against using an ingredient in a recipe that could cause harm.

So, the moral of this little story? Buy What is Myrrh Anyway? and don't trust that ginger-bearded guy off the telly! Do you think they'll be many bookings at his restaurant tonight?