Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Only 183 shopping days to Christmas

Which means that Christmas Day is exactly six months today! (And that means it's about 120-odd day until the publication of What is Myrrh Anyway?)

Now, for those of you thinking you need to crack on with the Christmas preparations why not start off with a traditional Christmas pud? The sooner it's ready, the longer you can have it steeping in alcohol, ready for the big day!

So here's the recipe for the famous Mrs Beeton's Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding. This recipe actually makes two puddings (enough for eight or nine people), so you can keep one and give one as an early Christmas gift.

Mrs Beeton's Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding

8 oz moist sugar (use soft brown )
8 oz chopped suet or modern day equivalent
8 oz sultanas cleaned
8 oz raisins halved and stoned
4 oz currants washed and dried
4 oz shredded mixed candied peel - Cut your own or use ready cut
4 oz of plain flour
4 oz breadcrumbs
2 oz almonds blanched and shredded
the grated rind of a 1 lemon
3 eggs
a salt spoonful of nutmeg grated
half a teaspoon of salt
quarter pint of milk

1 small wineglass of brandy (optional)

Start by greasing 2 basins. Mix the dry ingredients together, stir in the well beaten eggs, milk and brandy (if used). Turn the mixture out into the well-greased basins, and steam from 5 to 6 hours.

N.B. Please note that no raising agent is mentioned in this recipe, but the flour must be plain flour, as elsewhere self raising flour is mentioned by type when used.

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