Saturday, 1 November 2008

So, what is myrrh?

Well, if you don't know already, then you really need to buy the book. But just to tantalize further, here are seven fascinating facts about the stuff.

  1. Myrrh keeps wounds free from infection and speeds the healing process.

  2. Myrrh is not actually a plant but rather a plant product, and one of the oldest such products still in active use today.

  3. One ancient myth relates how Myrrha, the daughter of the king of Cyprus, developed an unnatural fixation on her father, and was banished to the barren deserts of Arabia. There the gods transformed her into a myrrh tree exuding tears sweet with repentance.

  4. Myrrh was called mor by the ancient Hebrews.

  5. Myrrh appears eleven times in the Bible, and not just in the Nativity story.

  6. Myrrh is recommended for various medical conditions, including leprosy, syphilitic ulcers, sores, sore throats, wounds, bad breath, weak gums, bleeding gums, and even loose teeth.

  7. The Chinese feel that myrrh actually helps the body collect and get rid of the congealed blood of bruises. According to Chinese medicine, the herb’s ability to get the blood moving is its main boon to health.

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