Monday, 19 October 2009

Have an Exceedingly Merry Christmas

If there's one person you should invite to stay with you and yours this Christmas, it's Mr Kipling.

Nothing signifies the start of the Christmas season quite like a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine, and last year Mr Kipling produced 60 million mince pies? That's enough to stretch from London to Greenland! (He must be a very busy man.)

But he doesn't only make mince pies, he makes exceedingly good Christmas Cake Slices as well, along with Cranberry and Orange Mini Classics, Christmas Pudding Slices, Winter Warmer Lattice Tarts and Festive Bakewells to boot!

Did you know...?

Over the three key Christmas months retailers sell around 60 packs of mince pies per minute - that’s six mince pies sold per person per year in the UK. A whopping 1,900 tonnes of mincemeat goes into Mr Kipling mince pies each year; that’s the equivalent weight of 317 full size elephants! In one mince pie season, Mr. Kipling uses 190 tonnes raisins, 300 tonnes sultanas and 2,184 tonnes pastry to create these popular festive sweet treats!

But the largest mince pie ever to be baked wasn't one of Mr K's. It weighed 1.02 tonnes and measured a huge 6.1m x 1.5m. It was baked in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire on 15 October 1932.

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